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Staging Plots

Keeping with its custom in departing from consensus, staging plots, seeking to causing harm to interests of other Gulf States, Qatar has announced its withdrawal from OPEC, coinciding with the OPEC's meeting today in Vienna to discuss the policy of production with some external producers, including the extension of the cooperation agreement with other producing countries to maintain the oil market's stability.

Many analysts have agreed on the malicious intentions of the Qatari announcement, aimed at causing a rift among the OPEC member states, shaking the confidence of other states in their meetings and objectives, attempting to disperse the positions of the OPEC member states with regard to the decisions of the Organization and appeasing opponents to the OPEC.

In addition to being an economic isolation of Doha from such a global organization having 70% of the world's oil reserves, it is a marginal step by a small politically-isolated state whose positions cannot be trusted, and each time tries to play the role of the powerful but it is eligible for this role at all political, military or geographical levels. 

Therefore, reactions have reflected the size of this country which fantasizes that its positions and economic size are of a global impact. The only positive praise of the Qatari step was by one pariah state, which is Iran.

Exiting the OPEC, Qatar tries to show up as an innocent in its position. Yet, some analysts opine that it is trying to grant itself a bigger global role in the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, which was founded in 2001 in Tehran, but it is seated in Doha. 

This situation is a political bankruptcy of Qatar which seeks an influential role on the global map, and promotes delusions of its next role. Everyone knows that the exit comes as part of the tricks to confuse cards, which it has been famous for years.

The OPEC has faced many attempts to thwart its role, but it has succeeded to achieve its most outstanding objectives, including unifying the oil policies of its members and unifying their stances, and restoring balance and stability to the global oil market. 

It has even succeeded in persuading non-OPEC member states to join its positions aimed at restoring balance to the oil market, especially after the recent decline in prices. Through its alliance with major oil producers outside it, the OPEC has been able to create a new model for managing markets and maintaining all interests of consumers and producers.

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