Riyadh Daily
Restoring Palestinian rights

The Palestinian question is indisputably the Arab world’s central issue. Despite the numerous complicated problems being faced by Arabs and Muslims, they cannot forget this key issue – probably the oldest unresolved dispute of its kind.
What is appalling is that no solution is in sight despite though over 70 years have passed by. On the contrary, it has only become more complicated. The achievement of a comprehensive and just peace has become more difficult than ever before.
Israel has adopted an adamant stance where it wants a solution that only meets its interests without any concern for even a part of what other countries are calling for. That is why peace remains elusive. However, this does not mean that the efforts to win peace must be abandoned. Notwithstanding the obstacles, all efforts must continue to be made to restore the rights of Arabs.
Ever since its foundation, Saudi Arabia has placed the Palestinian question at the top of its political priorities. It continues to be the biggest supporter of Palestine, politically, economically and socially.  
The Palestinian problem can be resolved only when there is a true desire for fair justice and genuine goodwill. It surely is possible to achieve a comprehensive and just solution that restores Palestinian rights and enables Israel to enjoy lasting peace. And for this, the Arab Peace Initiative is the most favored and realistic solution.

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