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6 Steps to properly use Instagram for Business in Saudi Arabia

Instagram – An American photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook launched in 2010 is taking the world by storm.   It is an app that allows users to share images, and videos of the user’s lives to their closed group, or the public.  In addition, business owners and Multi-National Corporations are using the platform to show their brand to worldwide audiences, and get new and repeating customers back to their shop and online e-commerce stores. 

Recently, Saudi Arabian users have adopted the Instagram app.  Based on the stats up to Nov 2019, there were 12 451 000 Instagram users which accounted for 35. 8% of its entire population.   The majority of the users were male which accounted for 62. 6% and Female users were 37. 4%. 

With Instagram – your audience can like, comment, share and engage with your post. 

How to use Instagram for Business: 5 Steps Plan

As the number of Instagram users has crossed over 1 Billion users around the globe, marketers, and brands must quickly jump and start with the promotion since there’s an audience waiting for you.  

Do you have a Brick-and-mortar business? An eCommerce store? Then read these 5 steps to quickly start your marketing campaign.

1. Install and launch the app

Get your app for iOS from the App Store, Android from Google Play store.  Once installed, tap the app to open it. 

2. Fill your Profile Details

The more information you put, the better for your business.   Ensure to fill out these details as much possible as you can.  You can also log in with your Facebook account to sign up

- Profile Photo

- Account Name

- Username

- Website

- Bio

3.Register a Business profile

Within the app, search for Settings, then scroll down to Shift to business account.  When you have a business account, you can add relevant business information such as opening hours, a business address or a contact number.  Create a Business Profile.

4. Post Engaging Content

Ask yourself, what is the purpose of setting up the account? If you cannot answer right away, sit with your marketing and creative team to come up with new ideas on posting content with amazing creatives and images. 

5. Show your brand and products

It’s time to showcase your brand and use Instagram to capture a new audience.   It’s critical to create high-quality product photos of business content.  It doesn’t have to be that hard.  You can do a good job of using your mobile phone.   Ensure to have proper lighting to capture high-quality images. 

If you think it’s too difficult to handle, hire a professional photographer.  

6. Influencer Marketing

Recently Saudi Arabia has been trying to get Instagram Influencers to improve the image of the country.   You can do that too for your business.   The first step is to find accounts that would be an ideal match for your business.   Furthermore, a lot of influencers prefer brands reaching out to them directly.  

you can use ‘Instagram search’ If you want to find influencer marketing opportunities. 

Try to find accounts with at least 50,000 followers as you won’t be able to achieve a decent ROI for your marketing campaigns.   

When you reach out to them, listen to their rules they might have since they don’t want to tarnish their reputation with their audiences. 

Once you reach an agreement, agree on the terms, and the amount agrees to pay.  


Don’t wait, and start using Instagram. 

Create high-quality images, videos, start engaging with your audience right away. 

All of these helps in building a better brand in the Instagram space, as well as online.

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