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Summit in Riyadh

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, said that the empowerment of women and youth remain centerpiece for achieving sustainable growth, as well as encouraging entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises.

He added that to ensure sustainability, climate change, the pursuit of practical and viable solutions to reduce emissions from all their sources, adapt to their effects and ensure environmental balance in the world will be on our agenda under the Kingdom's presidency of the G20.

Providing adequate funding for the implementation of the sustainable development goals is one of the most important challenges facing the world, and there is an urgent need to cooperate with low-income countries in several areas such as food security, infrastructure, access to energy and water sources and investment in the human capital, which will receive attention during the Kingdom's presidency of the next year G20.

This important announcement by His Highness the Crown Prince - may God preserve him - reflects the important stage of the Kingdom in leading the world economically. It highlights the role of Saudi Arabia in the global movement year after year, through its active participation in the meetings of the G20 which comprises leaders of the biggest twenty economies all over the world. It also enhances the Kingdom's role in the G20 and its efforts to support the stability of the global energy markets through a balanced oil policy that takes into account the interests of energy producing and consuming countries, as well as Riyadh's capacity as the biggest economy in the Middle East.

Since joining the G20, the Kingdom is keen to have a clear and an influential role in international efforts aimed at achieving the global economic stability, a matter that has made it a strong participant in the formulation of a global economic system that fulfills the G20's objectives which are embodied in promoting sustained and strong growth, as part of maintaining the interests of all the world countries.

The speech by His Highness the Crown Prince, through his presidency of the Kingdom's delegation to the G20, which wrapped up its activities yesterday in Japan, reflected the insightful vision of Riyadh for many important issues, especially when he referred to the interrelated and complex challenges experienced by the world today. He called for promoting international cooperation and coordination and strengthening the global consensus by establishing the principle of expanded dialogue, building on an international order based on common principles and interests, and working to create a multilateral trading system that would achieve the desired goals of all rich and poor nations.

Since the Kingdom's role in the G20 has been witnessing grown over years, it is expected to see an unprecedented leap in next year (2020), when Riyadh presides over and hosts the G20 meeting for which preparations have already started to identify the issues under discussion and consider the mechanism of implementing the recommendations, so as to ensure radical solutions to a myriad of the entrenched problems in countries of the world.

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