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As Supreme Court directs Muslims to sight moon on Thursday, major mosques and social service org. opened charity counters to receive Zakat Al-Fitr

As the Supreme Court  called on all Muslims throughout the Kingdom  to sight the crescent of the month of Shawwal on Thursday evening, some major mosques and social service organizations have opened charity counters in public places to enable Muslims to give their Zakat Al-Fitr, before the dawn of Eid festival.
During Jumma sermons on Friday, the Imams throughout Saudi Arabia including the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah urged the congregation to give Zakat Al-Fitr before the day of Eid, which is obligatory on all able Muslims who keep fast during the holy month of Ramadan to give Zakat Al-Fitr before the day of the Eid Al-Fitr.
Besides giving Zakat Al-Fitr, Muslims should as possible ensure that they perform their Eid prayers with their families to thank Allah for the blessings He has bestowed upon them.
Zakat Al-Fitr is a charity to the deserving people and one of the deeds mostly cherished by Allah. With the end of fasting during Ramadan, every adult Muslim who possesses food in excess of his needs and those of his family must pay Zakat Al-Fitr. If the person is a breadwinner, he should also pay Zakat al Fitr for his dependents, such as his wife, children, relatives or servants.
Zakat Al-Fitr can be paid a one day before the end of Ramadan. It is preferable to pay it just before Eid prayer (first thing in the morning) so that the poor can enjoy the Eid.
The minimum amount due is the equivalent of about 2.5  kg of flour, wheat, barley or rice from each person in the household, including the head of the household and each dependent, even if the dependent does not live in the same house. Those who are entitled to receive Zakat Al-Fitr are the same as those entitled to receive general Zakat.
Bags of rice are available at retail outlets at modestly fixed prices for the convenience of the customers at prices ranging from SR 10 to SR 35 for a packet of 2,5 kilo  of rice .
The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has set up charity counters in public places to enable Muslims to give their charity during the last days Ramadan.
The charity counters are available throughout Saudi Arabia in all major malls, public market places and places frequented by the public.
The ministry has a big budget, solely funded by philanthropists, to carry out projects such as Islamic proselytizing, embracing new Muslims, mobile service to spread Islam, sending deserving Muslims for Umrah, distributing “fitra” rice to the poor and other related charitable work.

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