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Pakistani Officials and Scholars Praise Saudi Efforts in Serving Pilgrims

Pakistani officials and scholars praised Saudi Arabia's great efforts to serve the pilgrims and take care of the two Holy Mosques and launch the Makkah Road Initiative at Islamabad International Airport.

They called for confronting any attempt aimed at disrupting the Hajj season by presenting sectarian and political themes and slogans to stir strife and fuel differences, hatred and hatred among peoples.

Pakistani Minister of Justice Naseem Al-Shukr thanked the Saudi leadership for the inclusion of Pakistan in the Road to Makkah Initiative this year, pointing out that this initiative shows the Kingdom's leadership to improve the quality of services provided to pilgrims and facilitate the performance of their activities.

For his part, Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs Sheikh Nur Al Haq Qadri said: "The Islamic nation is proud of the leading role played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince in serving Islam and Muslims.

This came during a conference held by the Council of Pakistani Scholars here yesterday entitled "The importance of the unity of the nation" in the presence of the Minister of Justice of Pakistan, the Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan, the Director of Call Office at Saudi Embassy in Pakistan Meteb bin Mohammed al-Jedai a number of officials and scholars. 

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