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Failed agenda and glorified nation

As part of the terrorist organization's criminal activity, Daesh targeted the Two Holy Mosques, killed security men and recruited Saudi young men against their country. Recently, the scurvy organization attempted to target two sites of Riyadh-based Defence Ministry. However, such criminal plot was foiled because of the vigilance of our security forces. 

This achievement of the State Security Presidency has crowned the Kingdom's incessant efforts and magnificent ability to combat terrorism and terror financers, supporters and instigators.  

Terrorists and the countries, organizations and individuals supporting terrorism had attempted to harm the Kingdom but all their attempts were thwarted. They will be further thwarted owing to the government's efforts and citizens' awareness of the importance of safeguarding their country and maintaining its unity and security. All foreign agenda and plots have been foiled and those recruited for implementing them have been apprehended. Last December, the specialist district court issued preliminary judgments against 32 suspects belonging to a spying cell working for Iran. The court passed death sentences against 15 of them after they pleaded guilty with high treason. Two suspects proved to be innocent while judgments of imprisonment for various periods and barring from travel were passed against the remainder. The hearings were held in the presence of suspects' relatives, Human Rights representatives and the media.  

Members of the spying cell were 30 Saudis, an Iranian and an Afghani. They were convicted with espionage with Iranian Intelligence and tapping information about Saudi national and military security. 

The discovery of the cell was not the last attempt of targeting the Saudi national security. The Presidency of State Security announced Monday the capture of a spying cell directly and indirectly related to hostile organizations. The cell has a long history of communications and contribution to suspicious activities harming the State security and national cohesion. It continuously participates in suspicious conferences and meetings.  

After such continuous wave of terrorism targeting the country by terrorism-related countries, organizations and individuals, we shall be proud that our country has become and will continue to be an oasis of security and stability under its wise leadership and with its loyal security men.

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