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International Responsibility

By declaring the resumption of the Saudi shipments through the Bab-el-Mandeb, the Arab Alliance Forces for Supporting Legitimacy of Yemen have performed all its obligations to ensure the security and safety of one of the most important waterways in the world.
The security measures announced by the Arab Alliance to ensure free navigation and international trade across the strait in coordination with the international community will reduce the risk and protect the trans-border vessels, especially after they have examined and comprehensively assessed the threats posed by the Iranian-backed Houthi gang to the regional security, the last of which was targeting two Saudi oil tankers in the international waters.
These tremendous efforts by the Alliance to preserve regional security and peace and ensure the stability of the global economy must be accompanied by a more determined movement by the international community towards the source of these threats. Yemen is a UN member state and its national army is supported by the Arab Alliance Forces operating within the framework of international law and Security Council resolutions.
Iran, sponsor of international terrorism, should not be immune to the international accountability and sanctions for its daily crimes against Yemenis and its attempts to obstruct the international navigation, undeterred by the economic and environmental disasters caused by its practices.
Holding Tehran accountable and classifying it as an international outlaw are the first step towards a region free of crises and wars. It is the one who drives and supports the Houthis in Yemen. It has planted the so-called Lebanese Hezbollah dagger in Lebanon, killed the Syrian children, set Iraq on fire and ignited the fires of sectarianism in Bahrain and the rest of the region.
The international community has a responsibility to take to avert the threat coming from Iran by putting it under international sanctions and bringing its ruling gang to the international courts to hold them accountable for all their anti-humanity crimes.
The path towards peace in Yemen is not long and hard as some believe in the event all parties commit to the UN resolutions, the Gulf initiative and the outcome of the comprehensive national dialogue. Any reference-free talk of peace will be in vain, especially as the Houthis are still working as an Iranian tool that kills Yemenis, threatens neighbors and tampers with the global security and economy.

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