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Bloody embassy relocation

Scores of Palestinians have been martyred or injured as they protested the relocation of the US Embassy to occupied Al-Quds, home to the Third Holy Mosque. As has been its wont, Israel used excessive force against unarmed civilians who were merely exercising their legitimate right to protest against the occupation.
With the American Embassy now in Al-Quds, the Palestinian question has become all the more complicated. Whatever hope was there for a solution has been dashed to the ground as a result of Israel’s obstinacy, particularly so since the provocative act of the US.
Under the circumstances, any talk of peace is unrealistic and simply futile. Peace can only come through a collective desire of all the parties concerned. Peace is anathema to Israel making any resolution to the conflict far from fruition. In fact, one can only expect more protests and a violent response from the Israelis.
The Arab Summit, named by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman as the “Al-Quds Summit,” had emphasized the centrality of the Palestinian question for all Arabs. It stressed the Arab identity of Al-Quds and reiterated the fact it is the capital of Palestine. It condemned the illegality of the US decision to recognize Al-Quds as the Israeli capital.
Moreover, the summit underscored the need for a comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East as embodied in the Arab Peace Initiative adopted at the Beirut Arab Summit in 2002. The summit also reiterated that Al-Quds remains the capital of Palestine and warned of any declaration or actions to the contrary.
The Al-Quds Summit renewed efforts towards a future peace agreement. But it is unfortunate that the international community is silently watching the brutal massacres committed against the Palestinians. This silence over the war crimes committed by the Israelis is a crime in itself.

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