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The last turning point

Post-ISIS Iraq seems to force the Iranian regime to mingle things in its sites of influence within the Arab territories. The retreat of the terrorist organization –which proves to be an ally of the Iranian project despite their ideological differences –has forced Iran to return to its old slogan "death to America" as an umbrella for all terrorist organizations with their various ideological and doctrinal references.   

Tehran seeks through Doha to raise the voice of Muslim Brotherhood and reintroduce the plots foiled by the decisions taken by the countries combating terrorism. The plots were aimed at toppling the regimes opposing the Iranian domination in the region. Meanwhile, Tehran exerts exceptional efforts to revive the partnership between the two rebellion parties in Yemen to ensure continuity of Iranian dream for finding a foot in South Arabian Peninsula and controlling the strategic Mandeb Strait.   

The terrorist organization of Hezbollah in Lebanon –the spearhead of Iranian project in the Arab World –declared sympathy with ISIS as part of the efforts aimed at safeguarding the terrorist organizations in the region. Hezbollah called for protecting the ISIS convoy en route to East Syria near the Iraqi borders. The call came under humanitarian pretexts completely absent when Hezbollah fighters committed massacres against innocent Syrians. 

The embarrassment caused for Hezbollah supporters by the last call has scattered Iran's political papers in Lebanon and Iraq. Mercenaries of ISIS can never be allowed to return to Iraq after the high cost of their retreat therefrom. 

The signs of failure of the Iranian project were clear since the intervention of Peninsula Shield forces in Bahrain to deter the Safavid evil scheme. There was also the Decisive Strom that had rescued Yemen from being converted into an Iranian protectorate. Moreover, Iraq is back to its Arab sphere after being the scene of Persian chaos. Now, Lebanon is in the phase of sorting out. It shall either be safe from the influence of Hezbollah who implement a merely Iranian project or become harbor for Tehran's remaining destructive agenda.

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