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Minister of Islamic Affairs appreciates the call by the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques to hold a meeting in Makkah in support of Jordan

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance of the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia Dr. Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh said that the call by
the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
to hold a quartet meeting to discuss ways of supporting Jordan to
overcome the current economic crisis, embodies the leadership of the
Kingdom and its honorable and firm positions in support for its Arab and
Muslim brothers and represents genuine Saudi ethics.

In remarks to mark the occasion, Al Al-Sheikh said the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia was, since its establishment by its founder late King
Abdulaziz, accustomed to care of the situations of the Arab and Muslim
nations and show constant keenness on their unity, security and

He pointed that the call of the monarch to hold a meeting comprising
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, State of
Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates in the most holiest place in the
world is yet another evidence of the prudent approach and wise policy to
implement the slogan of a one-body nation which called for by the
Islamic Sharia followed by the Kingdom.

The minister appealed to Allah the Almighty to preserve the Monarch
and His Crown Prince and reward them for the great deeds they are
offering for their people and Arab and Islamic nations.

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