By Liam Hurley, Vice President & General Manager for KSA and Bahrain, Emerson Automation Solutions
An overview on Emerson and its business presence in Saudi Arabia

Technology is key to the future of energy. There is a multitude of emerging technologies that enable the industrial operations of the energy sector to become safer, more efficient, and smarter. For one, we see our customers maximize IoT solutions to optimize production and equipment while maintaining the safety of the workforce. Like IoT, AI-enabled platforms are also helping engineers solve complex problems throughout their operations by using predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics which allows for data-driven decision-making.

Lastly, I’d like to highlight the importance of big data and analytics in improving operations for the oil and gas sector. Regular operations produce massive data which can be leveraged to create more relevant decisions and to make troubleshooting more efficient. Big data platforms can help draw out pertinent information and insight on production and performance data that can be useful for operators to ensure maximized operations and safety. Big data platforms and the analytics it generates turns daily operations into opportunities for improvement in terms of plant and cost efficiency. 

With current volatility and influx of intense forces, the oil and gas industries has hold on to Sustainability as its key consideration. On a global level, the industry is putting its focus on sustainability which puts a bit of pressure on businesses to transition to cleaner energy sources. With this massive shift, the region’s national oil companies are adapting new strategies and business models to cushion the changes, such as:

• Investing in new technologies like carbon capture and storage to extend the energy value chain.

• Focusing on high-value and efficiency-driven projects.

• Recalibrating their portfolio towards gas.

• Expanding investments in refinery and petrochemicals to build revenue streams.

Saudi Arabia is a key market for us in the Gulf region. At the recent IKTVA Forum 2022, in Dhahran, we signed an MoU with Saudi Aramco to reinforce our support for IKTVA and Saudi Vision 2030. The agreement recognizes Emerson as a major manufacturing and services provider of process automation systems and instrumentation. At the event we reiterated our commitment to investment in local and sustainable solutions as we seek to support the Kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030 objectives as well as the plans outlined in the Saudi Green Initiative.

In the last year, despite the obvious challenges that the global pandemic presented, Emerson has continued its goal to strengthen our local presence in manufacturing and supply-chain. 

Our expanded manufacturing footprint in our Jubail facility has added Pressure Regulators, Pilot Operated and Conventional Relief Valves to our already extensive production and service capability in the area.

Our recently opened Instrumentation Manufacturing facility in Dammam 2nd Industrial city has allowed us to increase capacity whilst also adding new products including a wireless portfolio previously never manufactured anywhere in-Kingdom.

The opening of our Fluid and Motion Control facility in Jubail in February of this year, where we will manufacture Solenoid Valves, Air Filter Regulators and Control Panels again brings new products and technologies to the Kingdom that support a broad sector of diversified industries including manufacturing, food & beverage, and Life Sciences.

Of course, this investment in local manufacturing & supply-chain as well as our other efforts around engineering and development has allowed us to expand our workforce creating exciting new value-adding opportunities for local talent with a continued priority commitment to increasing Gender Diversity in our team.

While we drive these investments, we do so with a constant view to supporting the Saudi Green Initiative by engaging stakeholders across the kingdom with a view to aligning on their vision towards Net-Zero emissions with the application of Emerson’s solutions in the Sustainability space.

Emerson’s investments in local manufacturing, execution and services have been moves to address the needs of our market while also bolstering our support for Saudi Vision 2030. For over a decade, local manufacturing and service presence has always been an important part of our strategy enabling us to achieve 60% Saudization across all our facilities in-Kingdom. 

We continue to identify opportunities to make impactful investments and anticipate a continuation of this trend in 2022 and beyond.

For sustainability, Emerson has always been guided by our Greening program which has been fundamental in grounding our internal and external strategies with our purpose of creating a better, safer, and healthier world. 

• Greening Of Emerson is aimed at reducing GHG emissions intensity by 20% and we ensure this by embedding it in our culture and company DNA which bleeds into the way we do business with our people, energy providers, supply chain, and logistic partners. 

• Greening By Emerson is pointed towards our customers and how we aide them through their sustainability journey by providing products, expertise, and solutions that fit their needs.

• Lastly, Greening with Emerson is focused on our collaborations with our stakeholders and communities. One such example in the past year has been our work with the Ministry of Energy, Water and Agriculture whereby Emerson has participated in the Tree Plantation Scheme in Al-Hasa Oasis with our investment in an Irrigation System for long term area development and the Plantation of 2500+ Trees

We remain extremely optimistic about the future in-Kingdom. Our targeted investments in solution development and digital technologies position us as a software leader in the field of Process Automation Systems at a very exciting time in the industry in Saudi Arabia. 

With Saudi Aramco’s announcements around investments in the Energy sector, be it in Gas for Power production and for conversion to Blue Hydrogen or oil production as a feedstock for new in-Kingdom downstream investments, it is a very exciting time to be in a position to locally deliver intelligent solutions that optimize capital spend, reduce project schedules, or improve operational reliability while reducing energy emissions. 

Furthermore, we see our strategic advancement in the development of software and digital solutions to support Sustainability as very important strategic enablers for Emerson in-Kingdom as we work to support the investments in Green Hydrogen Production such as that in Neom, in Renewable Energy and other diversified industrial sustainability developments. 

Liam Hurley

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