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Although it's been a few days since the start of the Riyadh Season, the success achieved on the ground has gone beyond what was expected, and gives hope for a bright and prosperous future for the Saudi entertainment sector, which has been into oblivion for decades, and has announced itself today, as part of an integrated system of sectors supporting the national economy.

This is reinforced by the great interaction and the remarkable diversity of the events presented throughout Riyadh. Up to this is very moment, the Season has proved to be a practical and realistic translation to achieve the goals of Vision 2030, and achieve the goals of the Quality of Life program which is one of the Vision's most ambitious programs seeking to enhance the Kingdom's tourism position among the best attractions in the region and the world.

The Riyadh Season reflects the efforts of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) in establishing a model infrastructure to create an effective and influential entertainment sector, commensurate with all spectrums and components of the Saudi society and its Sunni groups, and meets the demands of all targeted segments. Hence, the Season has become the focus of attention for the region and the entire world, even before its official launch, through the announcement of its activities that revealed a different concept of entertainment in the Kingdom. The number of events exceeds 100 events, presented over a period of 70 days with the aim to attract 6.5 million people who are the residents of the capital, as well as the high demand expected from outside Riyadh and the Kingdom.

Economically, the Season has positively reflected on the movement of markets within Riyadh, in terms of occupancy of hotels, increase in sales of various means of transport, support of commercial traffic, the restaurant sector and retail stores, as well as domestic air traffic which has also recovered. This scene contributes to increase the numbers of employees in the labor market through the creation of more than 46 thousand direct jobs, as well as the role of the Season in increasing the supply of jobs in the sectors that integrate with it, such as hotels, restaurants and transport workers.

The Season's activities are new and impressive, in line with the Kingdom's political and economic standing, and its cultural and heritage value, reflecting its true image as one of the most important tourism attraction in the regions, as well as the classifying the capital as one of the best cities to live in the world.

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