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Forum of the Powerful

The G20 Summit, which kicked off its activities in Argentina's Capital, Buenos Aires, and discusses the future of work, the infrastructure for development and sustainable food future, is a summit that sets the parameters for the global economy's directions for the upcoming phase and tackles the obstacles that hamper development and progress and solutions for them.
The Kingdom, with its membership at the G20, known as the "Forum of the Powerful", is the only Arab state that carries membership thanks to its influence on the global economy as the biggest oil producer. Also, heading the Kingdom's delegation by the Crown Prince demonstrates the importance of the G20 and its effective decisions, as well as the Kingdom's concern for the growth and stability of the global economy and its sustainable prosperity, particularly for the Arab countries and developing countries by reaching balanced decisions that serve the interest of the global economy as a whole.
The whole world is well aware of the positive and balanced political and economic roles played by the Kingdom, and their impact on disseminating the culture of cooperation and tolerance for the good of mankind. The ambitious Vision 2030, which is admired and appreciated by countries around the world, has expressed the direction of the economic policy of supporting economy, business and diverse income streams. This has had the greatest impact on making the Kingdom receive the appreciation of the international community as a key actor charting the global economy policy and a safe destination for investments from all over the world. This has emphasized the strength of our national economy and the investors' confidence in it and its provision of a safe and stable environment attractive to investments. The participation of the Kingdom in one of the most important annual summits in the world, will contribute to providing regular channels of communication with the world's top makers of financial and economic policies. Consequently, this will reinforce bilateral cooperation with the major countries and attract investors, a matter that consolidates the Kingdom's position as an international political and economic decision maker.

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