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Unruffled balance

Saudi international relations are soberly balanced and respectful. Such balance stems from the firm stances of the Saudi foreign policy. Saudi Arabia is known for its value-based wisdom in tackling the various issues.

The Saudi foreign policy proves to be efficient in dealing with the various issues of concern to the Kingdom. It is founded on the principles of justice, truth and equality ordained by Islam. Thereby, such policy realizes the difficult equation of achieving the required equilibrium reflecting the Saudi policies. Such equilibrium contributes to the attainment of common identical viewpoints leading to understanding, coordination and cooperation leading to successful relations amongst countries.   

The Kingdom has a unique international network of relations. Such relations are of a positive outcome for the benefit of both parties in terms of politics and economics. Therefore, the countries of the world are trustful of the Saudi policy.

For example, Saudi Arabia has the best relations with the Superpowers controlling the international decision-making process. This is because such countries are aware of the Kingdom's political, economic and religious position and that the Kingdom is the safety-valve country of the most sensitive region in the world. With its wise and balanced policy, and in view of its constant keenness on the security and stability of Middle East region, the Kingdom constitutes the reliable standard of moderation for spreading the culture of tolerance and peace in the region.

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