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Forward Escape

The rapid developments in the Arabian Gulf, especially with regard to its security, free and safe traffic, give us a clear idea of the Iranian methods seeking vague escalation which is based only on an anomalous strategic thinking that is ignorant of the consequences. This Iranian escalation only aims to silence an interior front that is about to break out by stirring the national spirit hoping to postpone what is actually coming even if falls behind its forward escape.

It all started from subversive operations to ships in the UAE's economic waters, attacking ships in the Gulf of Oman and the attack of drones that targeted a pipeline in the middle of the Kingdom through Iran's agent, Al-Houthi. 

In addition, that was all followed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)'s announcement of dropping a US drone, claiming that it "violated the Iranian airspace" while Washington said that the reconnaissance aircraft was in the international sphere. 

Last but not least, the Iranian ships "prevented the passage of a British oil tanker across the Strait of Hormuz days after the British Navy intercepted an Iranian oil tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar, a matter that confirms that Iran does not respect the international laws and norms on the freedom of navigation in the international waters.

The Strait of Hormuz is a natural and vital waterway for the international trade, linking two seas and forming territorial waters of the bordering states. Since its waters are territorial, they are governed by the land traffic principle, meaning that all foreign ships, without exception, have the right to transit passage and navigation. 

Additionally, the waters of the Arabian Gulf are considered a semi-closed sea. Thus, the Strait of Hormuz is the only outlet for a number of Gulf Arab states, and so two back and forth waterways were allocated for navigation in the Strait of Hormuz according to the specific hydrographic characteristics of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

This all depends on the international reaction to the Iranian practices blocking the international law. If strong actions are not taken to ensure navigation in the waters of the Gulf and the straits, the Iranian tampering will not cease, but will continue and perhaps increase. It is he who misbehaves because he feels safe from punishment

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