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Permanent Call

The Kingdom's call to the brothers in Sudan "Prevailing wisdom, voice of reason and constructive dialogue among all parties" is permanent for every Arab country seeing a political transition in different circumstances. 

The Kingdom always advocates a safe, stable and prosperous Arab world. This is evidenced by the call of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for an emergency Arab summit in the vicinity of the Kaaba to discuss the issues of the Arab nation and to come up with results that help find solutions to the existing Arab situation which everyone can see it in its worst cases.

Situations in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Algeria and Sudan are unstable and have certain negative effect on the Arab national security which has witnessed breaches that would not have been possible without the state of weakness experienced by these countries, and that warns of developments that could be out of control and lead to grave consequences.

The Kingdom's call to the brothers in Sudan comes as part of its constant concern for the stability of the situation and for the interests of the Arab peoples who aspire to security and sustainable development. 

This is often done only with political stability, which is agreed upon by the active forces, a matter that the Kingdom has been advocating to ensure the stability of the Arab countries and come out with results that ensure security and stability. 

The Kingdom's concern for the stability of the Arab countries is nonnegotiable. It works in secret and public on the Arab political, economic and developmental interests, and has consequently done so many efforts that have resulted in an Arab stability over the years. 

At the current stage, the Kingdom is continuing its efforts with the Arab brothers to reunite the Arab ranks through balanced policies aimed at achieving the higher Arab interests.

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