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Cinema is no longer just a videotape of events of visual and technical fascination presented in a dramatic context that captures events in a short time aimed at providing entertainment and excitement and passing time. 

Cinema has become one of the soft power's important tools invested by countries in broadcasting their cultures and messages wrapped in their ideologies and plans that they intend to consolidate to the other. This may explain the huge budgets allocated by these countries in order to carry out their agendas and messages.

Hence, placing importance to this art is necessary for correcting the wrong mental image that the other tries to give through his opinions and ideas about our country and that hold an ideological position, goals, ambitions and attempts to blackmail in some cases. Unfortunately, the efforts, assistance and great roles of the Kingdom in the service of the Two Holy Mosques, as well as its firm and strong positions to end disputes among Arab and friendly countries, are not appreciated properly, although they are fruitful and effective efforts. History records several positions in which the Kingdom has contributed to defusing sedition and preventing humanitarian, economic and political catastrophes. They are countless positions that are not the first and will not be the last.

Our Kingdom is rich in historical, cultural and social heritage, making the investment of this art more urgent. It is important to note the good step in screening the "Born A King" film which depicts the visit of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz to England in 1919. 

The film was displayed twice in special screenings in the presence of selected intellectuals, media figures and diplomats from inside and outside the Kingdom in last March and April, and it will come out at cinemas in Riyadh by the end of September.

This professional cinematic art, as reactions revealed, depicts the position of King Faisal and his impact on the history of the Kingdom and the Arab and Muslim worlds for more than half a century. It will introduce the future generations to the character of King as a model of the historical leader who dedicated his life in the service of his compatriots and country's renaissance. 

Such documentaries, which bear witness to the biographies of our great kings and the history of our Kingdom, which is rich in heroics and achievements, deserve to be documented. This documentary in particular educates the generations about King Faisal's honorable historical stations and then the whole world, introducing him and his roles.

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