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Red Line

The Kingdom’s government does not hesitate to take any precautionary measures to preserve the health of citizens and residents and protect them from contracting the new Corona virus, no matter how much material and moral sacrifices or losses are. The Kingdom is well aware that the health of people is a red line that is off-limit, which led it yesterday to take a new measure to impose a dusk-to-dawn curfew from 7:00 pm until 6:00 am for 21 days, starting from yesterday, Monday.

The Kingdom did not want to take such a measure in the previous days to not restrict the movement of people, but according to its follow-up to the global health affair and what the same affair requires at home, it became clear to it that curfew is a necessary decision, and the current stage requires it to enhance measures to curb the spread of the lethal virus.

The decision also included significant exceptions that take into consideration the interests of people and society, when it allowed employees of a number of sectors to roam around the clock, such as the security, food, health, media, transportation, e-commerce activities, shelter accommodation, gas stations, electric company emergencies, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, Internet operators and communication networks.

The decision to impose curfew has always been the demand of a myriad of citizens and residents on social media over the past days. These people hoped the decision would be taken as soon as possible because they believed that curfew would address many of the negative mistakes that some people make, by not fully complying with health instructions to help curb the spread of the virus, foremost among which is staying at homes, and not roaming around streets and markets.

The Kingdom's precautionary measures to confront Corona are carefully considered. The Kingdom also started these procedures before the virus reached its lands. It approved difficult and painful measures for every Muslim around the globe, by suspending the Umrah, shutting circumambulation around the Kaaba, banning visit to the Prophet's Mosque, and closing mosques. 

These procedures were based on legal evidence from the Holy Qur’an and the prophetic Sunnah calling to protect humankind, and not to push them to destruction. 

All these procedures are temporary and subject to review and cancellation as soon as the health status is better, and there are indicators and signs pointing to the control over this epidemic.

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