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Trading in Fear

A malicious and evil war has been recently wedged by the media in all its forms and channels. It has sought with all its might to mobilize the world public opinion and push it in certain directions aimed at convincing this opinion of the correctness of its decisions, orientations and ideas after wrapping them with a hidden ideological cover. Perhaps the follower of the Arab and international press and the visual channels notices this in the case of citizen Jamal Khashoggi.

The implementation of the media strategy, which Barry Glaster called "trading in fear", has been clear. This strategy is based on three methods: repetition, turning the unfamiliar into familiar and deception. The unfair counter-media has excelled in applying this strategy like clockwork through investment in the media platforms and the repetition of visual materials, news and reports that have nothing to do with the truth, and they are all fabrications and blatant falsification of facts and events.

The gravity of such misleading media is revealed in the fact that it holds the mind of the viewer and the receiver causing them terrifying fears which soon settle in their minds with repetition, a matter which is negatively reflected on the viewer with fear, anxiety, tension and spacing, as well as seeding hatred and bad blood into the hearts and which corrupt the relations among individuals or nations.

Unfortunately, even this strategy of "intimidation" is practiced by some politicians, exploiting the fears to steer people into trends that are not necessarily driven by self-convictions or choices, but driven by that emotion seeking safety and then turning those fears into energy is wasted and depleted in wrong paths.

We conclude from this that the media, especially the political media, experiences weird tensions and fluctuations which should be understood and confronted by a wise media that refutes lies, fabrications and distortions that the paid and mercenary media has continued to exploit hideously.

At times, that paid media introduces itself as seeking values and human rights, especially in our countries, forgetting that our country - Praise be to God - comes at the forefront of countries applying these rights and principles inspired by our religion which has preceded all human rights organizations, forming these principles and seeking to consolidate and crystallize them, as well as giving them a rich universal dimension that has become cultural light and heritage whose experience is inspired by others.

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