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The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is one of the most successful Arab organizations, if not the most successful. Its achievements in a short period are not measured and could not have been made by other Arab organizations. It was founded to remain in order to achieve the aspirations and visions of the GCC's leaders and peoples. Lots of these aspirations and visions have been achieved thanks to an applied strategy developed and did not take long until it entered into force.

The GCC is a political, economic, and regional force that went beyond being regional to international one. Its impact has evident on the region’s security and stability. Despite the difficult circumstances and the grave challenges, the GCC faced and addressed them with persistence and determination, since the existence of the GCC and the effectiveness of its performance are an irreversible decision and its continuity is necessary. 

In view of the situations witnessed by the Arab region, the GCC must have existed to be the safety valve for the current Arab conditions, as it works hard through its balanced policies and its support for development in the Arab countries for a better Arab position. Even at the international level, the GCC's policies always seek to find multiple partnerships with similar organizations so as to achieve mutual interests. GCC's Secretary General, Mr. Abdullatif Al-Zayani, says: "The next stage will see a significant progress in developing the GCC's relations with a myriad of countries and global blocs." This indicates the GCC's desire to consolidate and diversify its relations and take them to broader horizons of cooperation for the benefit of the GCC states.

The fortieth summit held today in the capital of our beloved Kingdom only confirms the sincere desire of the leaders to enhance the role of the GCC and consolidate its pillars in order to fulfill the roles assigned to it in the best possible way.

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