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Road rage incident clarified

Body found in a bag in Buraidah
Qassim security forces have arrested a 50-year-old man for allegedly killing a 30-year-old Saudi whose body was found stuffed inside a bag in Buraidah city.
A spokesman for the Qassim Police said the bag was found dumped in the industrial area of Buraidah city. Subsequent investigations led to the alleged killer who has since been referred to the Public Prosecution.
The suspect and the victim were earlier together in an apartment where the police found alcohol and narcotics.
Prepaid card thieves caught in Makkah
Security forces in Makkah have arrested a three-member Pakistani gang for stealing prepaid call cards worth more than SR 890,000 from a shop in the city.
According to sources, the three men sneaked into the shop through a hole they made in the back wall of the shop and stole the cards valued at more than SR 890,000.
The arrest of the two men selling calling cards below their real price in one of the main streets in Makkah led to the arrest of the gang.
The three suspects confessed to their crime.
School student shoots himself in Baha
A 20-year-old secondary school student shot himself to death in Al-Baha.
The spokesman for the Al-Baha Police, Col. Saad Trad, said the unnamed youth died from a gunshot to the chest.
The preliminary forensic report did not indicate any traces of violence or resistance on the body.
Road rage incident clarified
The Eastern Province Police arrested a young man for menacingly brandishing a meat cleaver and threatening another driver in a road rage incident in Al-Khobar city.  But the case has been settled as the complaint has been withdrawn.
The 20-year-old man’s threatening act was seen in a video clip that had gone viral.  
Col. Ziad Al-Ruqaiti, spokesman for the Eastern Province Police, clarified that the clip was old and the case has been settled.

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