Riyadh Daily
Divergence of stances

In an illustrious and high-spirited stance, King Salman called the leaders of Kuwait, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates to meet at the holiest place in the holiest month and during the holiest days to help Jordan exit its economic crisis. The meeting came out with strong decisions in this respect. As for King Salman’s stance, it does not result from a change in the stances but is a genuine Arab and Islamic stance further to similar Saudi stances towards sister and friendly countries. Verily, the Kingdom mobilizes all resources to safeguard Arabs’ political and economic stability and security  
However, it is disgusting to hear malicious voices not wishing any good for Arabs. Unfortunately, such voices are supposed to be part of us. Nevertheless, they attempt to attribute to Makkah Summit purports other than the real purposes for which the Summit had convened. A sister country suffered from hardships necessitating support to overcome such hardships; but the ill-mannered voices attempted to portray the Summit as a deal. However, they are not to blame for their evil thoughts. It is their way of living. They deem all affairs as deals and bargains without principles and ethics. They do not know the meaning of magnanimity or knighthood. Therefore, we will not reply to them. We will just disregard them.

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