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How to use Pinterest Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia at present has a total population of 33. 85 million.  Of that population, 23 million or 68% are active social media user.  During the social noise, you should to be aware of all related social media statistics in Saudi Arabia.  From online demographics to the top 10 influencers on Facebook and Instagram, this article will let you be familiar with whose online and what they are up to.

Social media is starting to play a main role in lives of Saudi Arabians and its usage has extended fast.  From just being a networking stage, social media has morphed into a strong force for social change in Saudi society.  The Saudi government has also been effective in utilize social media to connect with citizens and to gauge public awareness.   Enter members of Saudi royalty have been taking to their Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts to drive for reform across the Kingdom.  

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a picture sharing website where users can collect and share images of things.

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform in conditions of user numbers.  Compare to Facebook’s 6% member increase, Pinterest experience a huge 57% jump in members in 2014 and many source project that the site determination hit 50 million active users by the end of this year.

Pinterest drives whole traffic back to a website and helps increase the general awareness of a product or business.

As you start to use Pinterest marketing as part of your business’ marketing policy, you can find that you require help creating wonderful graphics setting up your Pinterest account or even creating the right content.  Consider to use a platform like Fiver to hire an specialist designer or Pinterest marketer to help you maximize your Pinterest marketing efforts.

How Pinterest Marketing Works in Saudi

Pinterest is a social media stage that allocates users to share visual content, related to Instagram, but it is different in that every Pin can be linked back to your website or other content.  Instagram now only allows links in ads or in the biography segment, so it is not helpful if you are look for traffic to your website, product pages or blog.

Advantages of Pinterest Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Pinterest marketing in Saudi Arabia is for those that desire to increase their brand or company awareness, get more traffic to a company website or increase generally revenue.  If any of these is a goal, you must think using Pinterest as part of your marketing.  Here are surprising industries that are doing very well on Pinterest like financial advisors, banks, attorneys and tax advisors.

Business and professions taking advantage of Pinterest contain:

•Counseling services: Counselors be able to post tips, advice, blog content and pins to extra helpful resources

•Financial advisors: Advisers can Pin blog content, testimonials, info graphics or links to lead magnets to encourage engagement

•Real estate agents: Agents can Pin testimonials, consultation tips and blog content that are large for agent exposure

•Attorneys: Tips on hiring an attorney, humor, blog content and lead magnets be all great choice for attorneys using Pinterest

Why use Pinterest for business?

People use Pinterest for different reasons than they use networks like Facebook and Instagram.  Pinterest is a network where people look for inspiration, including specifically seeking out ideas about new products to buy.  That means they are excited to see posts from brands in their feeds.  According to eMarketer, only Facebook outranks Pinterest in terms of influencing U. S.  social media users’ purchasing decisions.


Pinterest business marketing plan is playing a long game.  You make a combination of helpful contented, SEO and consistent posting to appeal to the shoppers also doers in your viewers.  A Pinner may not be immediately buying your cake for their wedding.  except they will be saving inspiring Pins on a board for months before making a decision.

It’s the great place to showcase your brand, business and products to an occupied marketplace with plenty of spend power.  Also, with all the hints and tips in this guide, you’re already taking all the right steps to set up a beautiful Pinterest account that appeal to your aim audience.

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