Janadriyah visitors left awed by Saudi ‘giant’

Visitors to the Janadriyah Festival were awed by a giant man among their midst as they toured the festival grounds on Friday.
Abdulmohsen Al-Ahmari, 24, who stands 2.23 meters high, is the second tallest man in Saudi Arabia and the fourth in the Middle East.
Al-Ahmari, who is visiting Janadriyah for the first time, said that he was not at all surprised by the attention he was getting, but was impressed by the unprecedented crowds. “I must have been photographed more than 400 times today,” he said.
Al-Ahmari, who holds a secondary school certificate, said that he had received offers from several companies, either to take part in plays or model for advertisements. He did not accept any of them because they were not meaningful jobs.
He said the death of his father forced him to discontinue his education and look for a job as he was the eldest and had to provide for his family. His father was himself 1.94 m tall and was nicknamed, “the giant.”
Al-Ahmari said that he had time and again faced embarrassing situations. On several occasions, he was not allowed to attend events. He was also often barred from entering shopping centers because the crowds gathering around him obstructed movement.
As for his daily life, Al-Ahmari said it was not easy for him to find his everyday needs. His clothes were tailor-made, and his bed was specially made for him.
Since he finds it difficult to ride small vehicles, Al-Ahmari dreams of having a custom-made vehicle. “I do not lose hope of this dream coming true,” he said.

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