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Corona Rumor

The coronavirus continues to sow terror in countries of the world that have raced to put all of their concerned devices in a state of maximum alert to prevent the spread of the disease, to which a treatment has not been found to this very moment. 

Countries of the world have adopted many precautionary measures to ban the disease into them or limit its spread. The Kingdom is one of the first countries to take strict measures to ban this virus into its land by suspending Umrah and visiting from countries infected by the virus. It is the Kingdom's sovereign right to protect its citizens and residents, and to limit the spread of the virus through crowds, which is something that many countries have done by cancelling a myriad of events with gatherings that may cause the spread of the disease that is transmitted among people in several ways.

The measures taken by the Kingdom proved to be effective, and only one case was recorded for a citizen who was in Iran. He and accompanying others were isolated as a preventive treatment measure, which is something we thank God for that He has protected our country from the spread of the virus and then the measures carefully taken. 

These measures are still in place, without complacency. The State's concerned bodies are on alert to limit the spread of the virus, reinforced by the measures taken and harnessing the capabilities to protect the homeland, citizen, resident and visitor.

The Public Prosecution has also taken necessary measures to prevent rumors about the spread of the disease, which are no less dangerous than the disease itself. It viewed the dissemination of the rumor as a crime punishable by the regime by five-year imprisonment and a fine of three million riyals. It is a measure aims to prevent the dissemination of the rumors of the disease, which may sow panic among the people, and lead to unbearable consequences.

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