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The Arab solidarity is a concept that we all apprehend, and know its importance and positive results if embodied into a tangible reality and not just a useless phrase. It is a dream we aspire to it without attaining it. For us in the Kingdom, this concept has been significantly embodied through our country's support to its Arab brothers in their political and economic crises over different period of times, and only the ungrateful who denies it. The Kingdom's support to its Arab brothers stems from its keenness on the cohesion of the Arab body, driven by the high sense of responsibility it has confronted with all its might and its leading position as the heart of the vibrant Arab world, carrying the weight of the nation and defending its issues in all forums invariably.
The ministerial delegation sent by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - God protect him - to the sisterly Republic of Sudan has come in solidarity with it in the face of the current economic challenges, another proof of the Kingdom's support to its brothers in all circumstances and crises they are undergo and provision of practical solutions that help them out of crises.
The Kingdom's assistance to the Arab countries is characterized by being an assistance of a brother to a brother, seeking no interest and without an act of kindness, but the Kingdom deems it a duty that is driven by its values, principles, commitment and leadership in the joint Arab action which is still a Saudi goal that it keeps achieving and consolidating tirelessly despite all the circumstances surrounding the Arab world. Our country, by the grace of God, plays its multiple roles in the best manner in order to serve the present, future, security and prosperity of the Arab nation.

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