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Aramco CEO: We Develop Emergency Plans to Ensure Health of Company Staff

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), Amin H. Nasser has considered the health and safety of the company’s employees and facilities as the basis on which it established, especially in light of the exceptional challenge the world faces with the spread of Coronavirus (COVID 19), stressing that "they, in Aramco, are closely monitoring the situation every day,"

He said: "We have been carrying out continuous preventive plans in all our business areas, in addition to detailed emergency plans and leading medical support services, in order to reduce risks, ensure the best possible care and curb COVID-19 infection,"

"The cornerstone of our company is the energy production, reliable supply and our commitment to our customers, especially in such difficult times, therefore we have developed emergency and prevention plans in all areas of our business to ensure the ongoing of our business, so that we can meet the needs of our customers around the world from energy products." Aramco CEO said.

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