Riyadh Daily
Persistent Solidity

Relations among countries are based on common interests. The more diverse these interests, the stronger, deeper and more solid the relationship is. This applies to the Saudi-US relations which extend to more than seven decades, during which they have experienced tug-of-war and wedges between the two countries. However, the strong desire to promote and strengthen the deep-rooted partnership has overcome many obstacles that could have had a negative impact on the course of relations between the two countries.
Prince Turki al-Faisal's speech at the Arab-US Relations Council's policymakers Conference has come to confirm the solidity of Saudi-US relations and refute all claims that the relationship between Riyadh and Washington could be affected by an event, whatever its impact. These relations are described as solid, deep-rooted and strategic, not based on selfish interests, but rather on political, economic, military and other fields. The alliance between the two countries is not limited to one area, but is based on mutual trust, respect and each side's awareness about the importance of the relationship and its diverse benefit.
The Saudi-US alliance is not periodic or subject to changing circumstances, but it is an alliance that has been found to survive. This is evidenced by the events that have taken place in the region and the world, and thus it has had its attitude that contributed effectively to the security and stability of the Middle East, but rather has gone far to be a key factor for the global security.

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