Chief Guest of this landmark event , First Secretary at the Embassy of India Riyadh, Dr. Hifzur Rahman speaking at the meeting

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BUTMC celebrates century of sessions

Bazm-e-Urdu Toastmasters Club (BUTMC) Riyadh completed five years of its inception and also achieved the remarkable landmark of completing one hundred sessions. The club which was chartered on 29th July 2013 completed five years on 28th July this year. The sparkling ceremony was conducted coinciding this date to celebrate the century of sessions. 

During this five years journey, BUTMC achieved many laurels for the efforts to create public speaking, leadership and effective communication skills among Urdu speaking community in Riyadh. Several of the members excelled to such an extent that their skills were recognized and appreciated by the other clubs in the area.

As the main aim of the club is to promote the rich culture, tradition and literature of Urdu language, the celebration included the impressive ghazal nite, humorous session, tribute to Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi and the book release of an eminent poet.

Chief Guest of this landmark event , the First Secretary at the Embassy of India Riyadh, Dr. Hifzur Rahman congratulated the founders, past presidents and all the office bearers of the club for crossing the new milestone. He appreciated their dedicated and combined efforts to stand firmly for regularly conducting the activities of the club, and advised them to carry on their sincere efforts to promote Urdu, the beautiful language which promotes the secular and pluralist ethos. Highlighting the writings of eminent humorist Late Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi, he said that the culture and tradition of the Indian sub-continent is very dominant in his writings.

After releasing the third poetry collection of Dr. Shafeeq Nadwi “Qarya-e-Jaan”, Dr. Hifzur Rahman said that the farsightedness, vision, vast experience and deep knowledge of the poet is predominant in his poetry. Extensive comprehension of the history and the contemporary issues makes his poetry more relevant to the current time.

Dr. Hifzur Rahman disclosed that being an Urdu lover, and also as an Honorary Member of BUTMC, he has been part of a number of landmark events organized by the Club over past four years, and has improved his knowledge and oratory skills in this beautiful language.

Founder president of the club Toastmaster Mohammed Abdulrahman Saleem appreciated the younger generation for their love and affection to the mother tongue. He expected high hopes and expectation for the newly appointed young and dynamic president and his team. He advised them to work hard and take the club to new heights. He advised all the youngsters to join the club and get benefit from it. According to him learning Urdu is very important as our traditional, cultural and Islamic literature is in Urdu.

Prior to release of his poetry book, prominent journalist Toastmaster KN Wasif read out a sketch on Shafeeq Nadwi. He highlighted various aspects of his personality. Senior Journalist Toastmaster Ghouse Arsalan read out a sketch on Mushtaq Aqhmed Yousufi.

District Director, District 79, Toastmaster Hasan Maghazel congratulated the office bearers and members of BUTMC for completing 100 sessions. He said the club has got an excellent track record in just five years.

Immediate past President Toastmaster Dr. Sayeed Mohiuddin presented the report on the activities of the club. He said that the club organized some historical events in which the stalwarts of Urdu literature were remembered.

On this occasion, Chief Guest Dr. Hifzur Rahman presented Certificates of Appreciation to the Club members, namely, TM Engineer Mohammed Mubeen, TM Syed N Masood, TM Dr. Sayeed Nawaz, TM Syed Ateeq, TM Omer Khan, TM Syed Abdul Hamid and TM Syed Viqaruddin.

Appreciation Certificates were also presented to the past presidents TM Mohammed Abdul Rahman Saleem (2013 – 2014), TM Dr. Ozair Ghazi (2014 - 2015), TM Engineer Mohammed Abdul Hameed (2015 – 2016), TM Taqiuddin Mir (2016 – 2017) and TM Dr. Sayeed Mohiuddin (2017 – 2018). TM Taqiuddin was not able to attend so his certificate will be presented to him later on.

Senior Journalist Toastmaster KN Wasif conducted the humorous session.

Indian Ghazal singer Dr. Abdul Ghani, who came all the way from Al Hassa mesmerized the audience with his ghazals. Initially he presented his own selection. But later on he performed on the demand of audience. The audience enjoyed the ghazals till late night.

Newly appointed president Syed Viquaruddin Ahmed conducted the proceedings. Abdul Samad recited the verses of Holy Quran. Vice President Membership Engineer Mohammed Azizuddin delivered vote of thanks

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