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Evanescent Alliance

The Turkish invasion of Syrian territory is wanton. It pretends to be combating terrorism but actually it seeks expansion to the detriment of an Arab state whose lands and borders has been seized by Turkey, killing its people regardless of their race, although they are the component of the Syrian social fabric. 

We were not surprised by the Turkish action which wants to show Turkey as a superpower that wants to restore glories that will never be restored no matter how the Turkish president tries to deceive his people and allies, although the expression of his allies is not accurate, as it is only one ally which is Qatar, which violated the international consensus rejecting the Turkish invasion of Syrian territories. 

Qatar is supposed to be an Arab country concerned with the security and safety of the Arab countries, unlike Turkey which has a different agenda carrying its interests. 

Yet, what are the grounds that Qatar relied on in support of the Turkish invasion of the territory of an Arab state? There is nothing but the dependency and the alliance that Qatar believes to be a lifeline to its isolation, without realizing that the alliance is weaker than the cobweb, and that Turkey is ready to break its alliance with Qatar on the first occasion it sees that Qatar has become a burden on it and on its interests. 

Then, Doha will find its relationship with Ankara, which it believes to be strategic, in the wind despite all the concessions it has made to demonstrate its loyalty and obedience.

It is very clear that the Qatari policy is random. Qatar is divorced from its Gulf and Arab surroundings, and has thrown itself into the arms of useless interim alliances, without considering the changes that may occur in the near future, which will not be in the interest of its uncalculated orientations and alliances which are based on evanescent interests.

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