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AI Technology to Enable 350,000 Students to Take Remote SAAT in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s ETEC is getting ready to administer this year’s SAAT with 350,000 students taking the test remotely. The test will be administered remotely on the  8-9 June 2020 in line with the precautionary measures implemented in the Kingdom to control the spread of Coronavirus. 

The Kingdom has the infrastructure needed to support e-learning including open access educational content, question banks, and online lessons and activities.

ETEC is keen on ensuring that the remote SAAT is comparable to its computerized version. Students will be able to access the SAAT remotely using a platform that has proven its success across the world.

The platform relies on AI technology that uses 40 standards which can detect violations accurately. The platform also adopts the highest security measures in line with best international practices for saving and encrypting data. The platform also enables students to continue taking the test even if connection to the Internet is lost or suspended. 

Furthermore, multiple methods will be employed to verify the identities of test-takers before the test.

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