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Journey of Faith

For almost a hundred years, the Kingdom sponsors the affairs of Hajj and pilgrims coming from different parts of the world to perform the Hajj. 

Between then and now, the Kingdom has provided more services to help pilgrims perform their rituals easily, safely and peacefully. 

Throughout this period, extraordinary developments have taken place in this journey of faith, from fear, panic and far distance that accompanied the Hajj journey to the feeling of complete safety by the might of Allah Almighty, complete comfort and smooth performance of the rituals, despite the increasing number of pilgrims in a limited space and time. 

It is very difficult had not been for Allah Almighty's help then efforts that we can describe as truly tremendous in order to make this journey as one of faith.

The attention of the Kingdom and its leaders to the Two Holy Mosques and the holy places goes on despite the scarcity of resources at the beginning. 

Despite that scarcity, services were provided, and facilities existed consistent with the State's capabilities at that time. 

Lack resources did not cause any kind of inaction or failure in the service of pilgrims, whether in expanding the Two Holy Mosques to accommodate as many of the pilgrims as possible at one time or in the frequent projects throughout the year in order to add or improve services. 

Since the first expansion during the reign of the late King Abdulaziz - may his soul rest in peace - to the present time passing through expansions during the eras of succeeding kings, the Kingdom embodies its pride in serving the Two Holy Mosques, and works according to a regular mechanism and immediate and future plans to serve the pilgrims and facilitate their performance of the rituals as much as possible. 

This is the approach of our country that spares no effort and money to serve the Umrah and Hajj pilgrims and visitors.

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