An Image taken by Mansour Alsofi using iPhone XS

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Finding Balance during the holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan is a time when people take a moment to find a renewed sense of balance in life, and kickstart a month of good habits and positivity. To maintain a sense of balance throughout the holy month, you have to take into account your social relationships, physical activity, and spiritual connection and how they affect your daily routine. Through spending quality time with family and friends, switching off for some time for reflection through mediation, or being mindful of your activity, you can maintain healthy lifestyle and achieve a greater sense of balance during the season.

To celebrate the concept of a balanced life during Ramadan, talented photographers Ola Allouz from the UAE and Mansour Alsofi from Saudi Arabia took part in a campaign called “Finding Balance”, where they set out to capture a series of images showing moments of reflection, family connection, and physical activity all shot on iPhone XS to deliver one message: “Finding balance during the holy month of Ramadan”.

Speaking about the concept, Ola Allouz comments “I enjoyed working on this collection of photos as it reflects a personal principle that I try to follow every year. I strive to achieve balance during the month of Ramadan by spending time nurturing my spiritual side and connecting with family and friends while ensuring that this time is of quality and away from external influences". She further highlights "During Ramadan I pay a lot of attention to my health, I watch my diet, sleeping hours and try to maintain a good level of physical activities.”

Additionally, Mansour emphasizes “The month of Ramadan is based on the principle of balance. Unfortunately, there are many who go against the values of Ramadan by over-eating, staying up too late, and watching TV excessively”. He further adds “This collection of photos felt really special to me since it reminds of the importance of achieving balance and focusing on important things in all aspects of our lives especially during these holy days.”

Ola Allouz used iPhone XS to shot this photo

The two young photographers shared some tips and tricks to capture artistic photos that mirror the theme of “Finding Balance”, to achieve similar results , you can follow these steps using your iPhone Xs:

1. Planning and location

Plan your photo session, as arriving at a location without a plan won’t help you achieve the desired results. Once you identify the subject you want to shoot, choose the appropriate location that has the elements needed to help you capture perfect photo. For example, if you’d like to photograph a reflection, choose a place that has water pools to help you capture a nice reflection on the surface of the water.

2. Team spirit

Having a healthy team spirit is essential to getting a job done quickly and easily. If you’re subject includes people, convey the idea and the scene you have in mind to them and share it with the team to achieve better results.

3. Use Smart HDR

Using this technology allows you to get the appropriate lighting for your shots by combining the different brightness levels in the scene and integrating them to get the correct lighting, especially in images that include a bright sky. And if you want to take a picture of a moving object, the faster sensors, Smart HDR, and zero shutter lag combined will let you freeze a moment in time and capture a clearer image.

4. Activate the Grid feature

Since we’re looking for balance in these shots, the Grid feature is best suited to get the desired sense of balance in composition. This feature divides the screen into horizontal and vertical lines to help you keep your lines straight and ensure that the spaces are evenly distributed in your shot.

5. Adjust focus on your phone

You can adjust the focus on your phone by touching and holding the screen to close the focus point, which helps control the brightness level by raising or lowering it.

6. Shooting reflections

As mentioned earlier, you can get beautiful reflections by shooting water pools, and you can add water to create pools to get the right reflection. You must hold the phone horizontally and get close to the water pool to get a balanced reflection and capture the scene.

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