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Cultural Leap

An unprecedented cultural and civilizational movement is witnessed by the Kingdom, and efforts continue through various programs and events. This movement is not limited to one activity, but is characterized by comprehensiveness and deliberate diversity that will  inevitably lead to a cultural identity that reflects the value of place and civilization of humankind in this generous land.

The "Winter At Tantora" Festival continues to attract visitors, both from inside and outside the Kingdom, having succeeded in granting the place its personality and moral value. There is no doubt that such events realistically contribute to breaking the stereotype taken about this site or other sites that characterize the nature and geography of our vast country.

Perhaps the opinions that the media has monitored in its different channels to visitors have confirmed that these historical and archaeological sites can be pulsed and the viewer can get through their spirit and discover their genius and essential characteristics. 

This is what the efforts of ministries and bodies have succeeded to embody; as creative ideas have been combined to add to geographical locations in our country which enjoys privacy and topographical uniqueness that have given it remarkable human and cultural dimensions.

Also, it is impossible to overcome the remarkable cultural leap represented by the decisions of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), which will reflect positively on the lifestyle and the market's economies by the important exploitation of this vital sector which was ignored for a period of time. Injecting life into this sector will undoubtedly change the boring stereotype that lied heavily on the society in its various spectra and segments.

This cultural and civilization movement emphasizes that one of the most important functions of culture and arts is that they alleviate the soul's excesses conflicts and several diseases. They also contribute to structuring the thought, constructing its knowledge and refining certain delinquent behaviors. 

Art, entertainment and community-based culture provide the common communication and understanding among members of the society as posers capable of uniting people and spreading the spirit of partnership among them. 

This establishes the true value of arts, which many agree that its absence contributes to the absence of spiritual and positive values, especially for those who see art or entertainment through a simplistic view reduced in short-lived goals and activities without realizing that there are values, ideas and creative visions that may result from those programs and messages that are used for the service of thought and culture, and above them, the spirit of love, good, right and beauty; as beauty in various types and sources of art, music, cinema, plastic art and book as sources of happiness and delight, as Russian novelist Dostoevsky said: "Beauty will save the world".

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