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Human Resources Ministry Obliges Recruitment Companies Not to Exceed Ceilings for Recruitments from Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has obliged all institutions that provide mediation services in recruiting domestic workers not to exceed the ceilings for the recruitment of domestic workers from Sri Lanka, where the ministry defined the upper limit for the recruitment of domestic workers at SAR 15,000, without including the value-added tax.

The decision is part of the ministry’s endeavors to organize procedures and monitor prices in the recruitment market in a way that guarantees the quality of provided services, where the ministry in September obliged licensed companies and agencies to commit to ceilings for several nationalities, where the ceiling for recruiting domestic workers from Uganda stood at SAR 9,500, Thailand at SAR 10,000, Kenya at SAR 10,870, Bangladesh at SAR 13,000, Philippines at SAR 17,288, where prices do not include the value-added tax.

The ministry urged all to abide by not exceeding the declared price cap to avoid the penalties stipulated upon violating the recruitment and providing labor services regulation, where the ministry will follow up on the implementation of this decision through the Musaned platform.

This decision is part of the ministry's endeavors to develop services, improve the labor market environment and enhance its attractiveness, keep pace with the global labor markets, and to ensure that it reviews the costs, services provided and regulations according to economic changes.

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