Adobe puts artificial intelligence tools into its marketing software

Adobe said on Monday that it has put a new set of artificial intelligence
tools into its digital marketing software with the aim of helping
companies sharpen their marketing campaigns.
known for applications like Photoshop, Adobe has become one of the
biggest providers of software for running such campaigns, which
businesses use to decide which of thousands of images and pieces of
written to content to show to potential customers. Growth in its
marketing software division has helped send shares up nearly 50% this
artificial intelligence features released on Monday aid that effort by,
for example, scanning and labeling thousand of product images by color
and shape, or using natural-language processing technology to read an
article to determine its subject.
makes it easier for marketing campaigns to make a recommendation,
whether that means showing a person browsing an e-commerce site a pair
of shoes similar to ones they have previously viewed or a news website
suggesting a story on a similar subject to the one just read.
artificial intelligence technology has existed for several years, but
using it generally required corporate marketing departments to export
data from their systems and work with another division of the business
to use, slowing the work down, Ali Bohra, director of strategy and
product marketing for intelligence services at Adobe, said in an
interview. Adobe has placed the technologies directly inside the
marketing systems, reducing the need to export data.
“When you’re thinking about the need to be agile and work in real time, this is not a process that works very well,” Bohra said.

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