CEO of Cinema 70, Saudi director and producer Mamdouh Salem

Jeddah "Riyadh Daily"
"#Cinema70" announces the cinema is making its way back to the Kingdom

#Cinema70 appears to be the entity to reintroduce the Cinema back into the Kingdom through a series of family movies that will be screened for the next 6 days starting January 12th. This event is supported by the General Entertainment Authority with the participation of a number of influential partner: Rotana, Virgin Mega Store, Jeddah Culture and Arts Association and #W7Worldwide Marketing Communication Agency. 

CINEMA 70, the Kingdom's first cinema brand, will present a series of international family movies at the Jeddah Culture and Arts Society from 4 pm to 12 am, and will be accompanied by various activities and events that will be the focus of attraction for the target audience.

Global Offers

"#Cinema70" will begin its series with two world-famous family movies produced in 2017: Captain Underpants, The First Epic Movie, produced by DreamWorks Animation. The movie is about two school students who hypnotize their director Mr. Krupp magnetically and turn him into a hero for their stories. The good-natured Captain Underpants.

The second film, "The Emoji Movie," produced by Sony Pictures Animation, is in the secret world of expressive emojis inside the smartphone, hidden in various messaging applications and lives inside the bustling city of Textopolis. Each expressive code wishes them to be used by the phone user, In this world, every expressive symbol has only one face expression, except for the gene "TJ Miller," the expressive symbol born without a filter and full of multiple expressions.

Film content

CEO of Cinema 70, Saudi director and producer Mamdouh Salem, oversaw the organization of the first Saudi film festival. According to the report of the Information Center of the Egyptian Council of Ministers, the first Saudi film festival in 2006 (Jeddah Film Festival) In the Arab world was one of the most prominent events in the middle east.

Mamdouh believes that their focus on the cinema shows that it has important implications. First, cinemas capture the minds of children everywhere in the world. "This segment is always out of the accounts in the Arab film industry, so we wanted to present our children during the semester break with something different"

Cinema 70 is the first cinema brand in Saudi Arabia to specialize in the production of Saudi film content, and the distribution and distribution of international films in the Kingdom.

Effective steps

Ibrahim Al Bloushy, partner of #W7Worldwide Marketing Communication, stressed on the importance of Cinema 70 in introducing two popular films, which will motivate the public to engage with the shows and enjoy the activities. Al Bloushy explained that the Saudis are waiting for the first opening of cinemas scheduled for the first of March of this year.

Al Bloushy further added that the opening of cinemas in the Kingdom will support the local economy in line with the vision of the future 2030, where the target is to increase the expenditure of Saudi households on cultural and recreational activities from 2.9 to 6%, and will contribute to the diversification of financial revenues in the Kingdom pointing out that there had been accelerated implementation steps to capture investment opportunities for this promising sector in establishing the film infrastructure from local, regional and international investors.

The tickets are available at all Virgin branches and through, and anyone who wants to follow up with the new video offers can follow up on Cinema 70 on Twitter @Cinema70KSA.

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