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The Ten parameters for building confidence in the work team

The work team is a group of individuals striving to achieve specific goals, and building trust in the team is important, as this will help the team to provide the best results and needs skill of the leader, and building trust is a continuous and endless process

1. Leading Ethically:

The team wants their leaders to be ethical. If employees believe their leaders have good intentions, they are more likely to follow through. (The lead by example).

2. No blamed policy

When the employee makes a mistake at work, this leads to his feeling of fear of accountability and punishment, but the leader is the one who avoids blaming individuals for mistakes, and cares about giving them the opportunity to correct these mistakes so that they are not repeated later.

3. Exchange of information.

Uncertainty causes stress. It is important for organizations to share larger goals and strategies with their team.

4. Empower the team

Employees want to be trusted to manage their work themselves and to be given the required powers. When you tell them that you trust them to get things done, they are motivated to prove you right. And they feel that their work has an impact.

5. Ensuring the development of skills

It is important to have teamwork skills such as:

1. Commitment and discipline.

2. Problem-Solving.

3. Effective communication.

Every member of the team Enhance his skills frequently.

6. Building good relationships between the team

When a team is connected and cares about each other they will work hard and help each other. It is crucial to create an environment in which these connections are easy to form.

7. Reward and Recognition

Team people like to be recognized for a job well done. If they work hard, the opposite reduces their motivation. Therefore, it is important to praise employees when they do a good job.

8. Dealing fairly

Conflict is inevitable in any team, listen actively to what they have to say and seek justice in judgment.

9. Deal individually

Sometimes individuals must be dealt with personally so that individuals feel that the leader is close to them and cares about them, and this eliminates more barriers, and enhances the employee's self-confidence.

10. Get and accept feedback.

Feedback is an important tool for career development. It helps to focus on weaknesses, in addition to identifying strengths and impressions in general.


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