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Exalted Standing

It is not easy for countries to reach a high standing in the international community and receive its respect and appreciation and to be its indispensable influential partner in shaping the international political and economic directions. 

This is only achieved through merit, roles and stances that earn the confidence of the international community, with its different directions, policies and objectives.

The Kingdom's position in the international community has been achieved thanks to solid foundations of balanced positions represented in the political wisdom and long-term economic outlook backed up by a careful present planning of the future. 

This has been confirmed by the Arab tour of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his participation in the G20. 

As for the Arab aspect, the tour has come to underline the Kingdom's constant keenness to consolidate the joint Arab action that serves the interest of the Arab nation, which is a perennial principle in the Saudi policy strategy. 

The Kingdom is capable of reuniting the Arab ranks in the face of obstacles and challenges. 

As for the international level of His Highness the Crown Prince's tour, represented in the participation in the G20 Summit in Argentina, it has confirmed the well-known political and economic weight of the Kingdom as a trustworthy and reliable partner in drafting the international resolution. 

Hosting the 2020 G20 Summit, and joining the G20's Troika Committee further evidences the status of our Kingdom, which it has reached well-deservedly thanks to its hard work for the good of the Arab and Islamic nations and the international community.

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