Riyadh Daily
A great responsibility

Saudi Arabia has been exerting every effort to achieve Arab solidarity ever since its foundation by late King Abdulaziz. It continues to put in such efforts in the era of King Salman to serve Arab interests. 
It is within this context that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is visiting Cairo. The Kingdom undertakes this great responsibility based on its leading role in the Arab world, particularly at a time when Riyadh is set to host the 29th Arab Summit this month. Arab leaders are set to take up important topics for discussion during the Summit, particularly in view of the current challenges facing the Arab region.
Saudi-Egyptian relations are historic and deep-rooted, and are important not only for the two countries but also for the entire Arab world. The two countries are the cornerstone for Arab security, which Iran is seeking to undermine. The Saudi-Egyptian relations are fundamental to ensuring Arab national security, and are important to establishing strong intra-Arab relations. As regards to the overall relations, the Kingdom and Egypt have common interests and have always believed in adopting the cooperation path for maximum benefit.
The Crown Prince visit takes place within the framework of strengthening these bilateral relations in all domains, and in the process, serves wider Arab interests.

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