Camel meat protects against heart disease

Camel meat is the most nutritious of all animal-sourced foods, according to Saudi nutritionist Dr. Tarfa Al-A'qla.
"Eating camel meat, even in small amounts at evenly spaced intervals, provides the body with its daily protein needs," Al-A'qla added.
Camel meat also helps in preventing heart attacks because it contains unsaturated fatty acids.  
Al-A'qla advised body builders to consume camel meat which will not lead to fat deposits in the body. Due to its low fat content, camel meat is also good for weight management.
She added that camel meat is also useful to those who suffer from high levels of cholesterol because it contains omega-6 acids, which offer protection against coronary heart diseases.
"The unsaturated fatty acids in camel meat reduces the risk of various heart diseases because it is inherently resistant to disease and is free of veterinary medicines," Al-A'qla concluded.

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