Devotion to Kingdom’s progress

In Saudi Arabia, there are numerous examples for people working dedicatedly for the advancement of the nation. These efforts have borne fruit over the years, taking the Kingdom to a position of strength and respect within the international community.
Recognizing this fact, the King honored some of these personalities at the ongoing Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival. These individuals have efficiently contributed to the building of the nation in their respective fields of specialty. This royal gesture is a continuation of the constant recognition given by the rulers to deserving citizens to motivate others into continuing the process of development and nation building.
Nations are built on the sincere efforts of such individuals. Each generation passes the process of nation building to the next generation so that we take the efforts of our fathers and grandfathers forward. They laid the foundations for the first phase of development in the Kingdom. And now is time for the current generation to complete the process.
Of course, this is not a simple task. The tremendous growth of the Kingdom in every field needs a continuous stream of creative efforts. It is indeed fortunate that the Kingdom has a large pool of creative people who are ready to do everything within their might to serve the interests of the nation.

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