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Education Ministry Achieves 5 Main Goals with New School Year’s Start, Vaccination Rate among Students Reaches 90%

The Ministry of Education achieved five main goals with the start of the new school year, which included raising the vaccination rate among its employees, returning to in-person education with implementing precautionary measures, completing the requirements of the educational environment, measuring the level of student achievement through the application of skills enhancement tests, and expanding partnerships with families to contribute to the educational journey of their children.

In a report issued at the beginning of the fourth week of the new school year, the Ministry of Education announced that vaccination rate among teachers and education staff reached 96.92%, while among students aged 12 or older rose to 90.50%. These percentages enhance the safe return to in-person education and the contribution of the education sector to achieving social immunity.

The ministry stressed to all its staff the importance of full vaccination as well as implementing all precautionary measures to preserve the safety of students, as male and female students from intermediate and secondary levels continue their in-person education for the fourth week since the beginning of the new school year.

The Ministry of Education has harnessed all capabilities to prepare schools for the new school year, intensifying inspection tours to ensure the implementation of precautionary measures and health protocols approved by the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Public Health Authority.

The ministry also launched the central testing e-platform for the application of skills enhancement tests in general education schools for all educational levels, from the second grade of primary to first year of the secondary. More than 3.5 million male and female students visited the platform within 14 days, as this reflects the extent of preparation for a successful school year since these tests are part of the educational process.

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