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Minister of Health: Deaths Rate with Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia is very Low

Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah has confirmed that the death rate with the Coronavirus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very low, as the global deaths rate reached 7 percent, while less than 0,7 percent in Saudi Arabia.

His Excellency said in a speech that reads as follows:

First of all, I thank the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the unlimited support of the health sector, and l also thank His Royal Highness the Crown Prince for the daily continuous and accurate follow-up due to his great keenness on the health and safety of everyone.

You have noticed an increase in the infection cases recorded in the past two weeks, which exceeded 1,000 cases per day, as a result of the expanded test being conducted by health teams in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Despite this increasing infection number, we announce that the deaths rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very low, as the global deaths rate is 7 percent, while less than 0,7 percent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That leads to the fact that the global deaths rate is more than ten times of that in Saudi Arabia, and this is for two main reasons:

First: the availability of an accurate and uniform treatment protocol developed by the Ministry of Health through a group of Saudi experts who meet daily to update that protocol based on all-new treatment methods.

Second: the result of the extensive test and active screening through which we track cases, search for them, and reach them before their spreading and before cases get worse, and this resulted in a speedy finding out and providing treatment of cases urgently.

For the good news, since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has allocated thousands of beds to provide the intensive care and ventilators for the new Coronavirus patients, and the vacancy of them today is more than 96%, and through applying preventive measures we will not need them.

l repeatedly say that the danger still exists and your support and assistance in implementing preventive measures is very important in this pandemic, because you are our partners in confronting the virus.

I stress that the people who over 65 years old, or have chronic diseases or have respiratory difficulties face more risks of severe infection with the virus.

Finally, I can say be assured, you are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under great leadership that put human health first.

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