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Unprecedented Activity

The logical balance that outlines the Kingdom's domestic and foreign policy is the fruit of the wisdom and broad-mindedness of its leadership which always seeks a better world and plays pivotal leading role in the region and the world. 

The Kingdom's leadership, with its visionary thinking, spares no effort to make the world a better place for living. Domestically, the Kingdom sees an unprecedented political, economic, social and developmental activity that we all witness at home and abroad, impressed by its speedy achievement, deep aspirations and foresight. 

This has made our country in the focus of the whole world and its new investment destination after it has reinforced its political and economic standing as one of the most important countries of the G20 and key player 

in the stability of the region and the world.

The royal speech in the Shura Council defined the State's orientations internally and externally. 

It explained the Kingdom's position on various events, although the internal affairs and well-being of the citizen were the cornerstone of the royal speech. 

The State prioritizes its interests and those of the citizens and the transformation that we see on the ground attests to the positive change in the society and gives an unprecedented vitality that has changed the image of our country for the better. 

Besides, the mega projects and ambitious economic plans, whose main example is Aramco's IPO that is the result of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, come as an important vital tributary to our national economy and its various projects.

The royal speech tackled whatever concerns the homeland, both internally and externally, defining the position of our country towards it. 

Internally, regionally and internationally, this position receives the respect and appreciation of everyone who realizes that our leadership puts things in perspective, and weighs events with the balance of truth, justice and full transparency.

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