Bader Al Goblan
After Covid-19 .. Forget the past and focus on the future

Covid-19 disease was first identified in December 2019 in China and then it has spread globally. Covid-19 has affected a lot of people in many countries and many of them have lost their families and friends. 

This pandemic is spreading so rapidly, more than 1,359,398 cases has been reported in more than two hundred countries and territories. 

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization officially declared the novel coronavirus as pandemic. Many Governments such as USA, Italy, China, and Spain are facing difficulties as they didn’t take this pandemic seriously which had affected their health system by having too many covid-19 cases in a short amount period of time. 

Also, a lot of big companies and private sectors are facing bankruptcy, many governments as well as companies are already struggling and jobs in many sectors have been lost or under threat. 

More than 700 thousand employees lost their jobs in USA which has affected their economic system. Moreover, the USA government decided to support the private sectors by setting 2 trillion US dollars to face this tragedy, this was the first time the USA government spend this amount of money. 

A declaration of emergency has been announced by USA government in some of the states such as: New York, Texas and Florida. Although Covid-19 has showed a lot of negative impacts on different aspects, yet in the other hand it showed positive impacts on both humanity and social life.   

At these difficult times, all humans need to fight this disease together. All countries and people are in the same boat no matter what differences they have whether in religion, politics, or culture. 

For instance, Russia have offered their help to USA by providing them medical supplies. In addition, Saudi Arabia have also provided medical supplies to China. 

Moreover, China has sent expert doctors, who have already dealt with the virus before, to Italy to help them fight the disease. A company who manufactures breathing supplies has provided its manufacturing processes to other competitors to produce a large number of breathing devices in order to save lives, even if that step will harm their business. 

In addition, people all over the world are sticking and helping each other in deferent ways, so we can all pass these hard times together and that’s the definition of humanity.  

World Health Organization gave a lot of advises to prevent from getting infected, including social distancing by staying home until this pandemic ends. In addition, they have also advised people to improve their physical and mental health. It is really important that we take this time to focus and try to improve our self by doing the things that we always wanted to do.

Practicing social distancing by staying home made us rethink about our choices, life routine and how we weren’t grateful of what we used to have. 

Many of us used to say that our routine is boring, and now we are dreaming of having the old days back. We should be grateful of what we have and start enjoying the little things, because happiness is to value the things that we have no matter how little they are. 

One of the most positive things about staying home is that it has allowed us to spend more time with our families. Family is the most important thing in life and they are the one that will be always there for you, so we are very lucky to have this time to share it with them.

In the end, I recommend people to focus on improving their physical and mental health and to take this time to have a healthy life style. 

Also, try to keep connecting with your friends from time to time as it is very important for your social life. 

There are many things we can do while staying home, such as reading books, playing video games, meditating from time to time, and learning something that we always wanted to learn. 

Moreover, now is the perfect time for humanity to forget about all of their problems with each other and try to focus on how we can have a bright future for this earth. In these difficult times, I really hope that this pandemic can be a good thing for humanity which will allow people to rethink about their choices and priorities. 

I really hope after this pandemic end that the world start thinking about ending wars between each other, because at this time of life we are fighting to save humanity and people’s life together, so how would wars and a disagreement between two countries have a benefit to humanity.

I am sure we will get over this soon.

Stay safe.

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