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Coalition Joint Forces Command: Saudi Royal Air Forces Monitor Two Ballistic Missiles Launched towards Najran, with one falling inside Yemeni territories and the other in an uninhabited desert

The official spokesman of the Coalition Forces (the Coalition for Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen) Col. Turki Al-Malki said that at 18:46 today, the Saudi Royal Air Forces have monitored two ballistic missiles launched by the Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militias from inside the Yemeni territories (Saada Province) towards the Saudi territories, whereas the first has fallen down inside the Yemeni territories while the other fell down in an unpopulated desert. Thanks to God the Almighty, no harms inflicted from this act up to the issuance of this statement.
Col. Al-Malki said the two missiles were heading towards the city of Najran and were launched in a deliberate way to target areas populated with civilians.
He confirmed that such hostile act by the terrorist Houthi militias affiliated to Iran proves the continuation of the involvement of the Iranian regime in supporting the Houthi group who were equipped with qualitative armament, in a flagrant and clear violation of the two UN resolutions No. 2216 and 2231 with the aim to threaten the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the regional and international security and that launching ballistic missiles towards populated cities and villages is considered contradictory to the international humanitarian law.

Joint Forces Command of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen Condemns Houthi's Threats on Lives of Civilians and International Relief Workers
The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition “Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen” Condemns the Threats the Houthi Militia Make on the Lives of Civilians and International Relief Workers. Holds the Militia Accountable for Any Deterioration of the Security and Humanitarian Status in Some Areas.
The Official Spokesman of the Coalition “Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen” Col. Turki Al Malki stated that the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition expresses its concern regarding the statement issued by the ICRC that includes the withdrawal of their employees working in the humanitarian and relief tracks from Yemen.
“The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition reaffirms its commitment to facilitate the work of Humanitarian aid employees of INGOs in the areas controlled by the Legitimate Government of Yemen, as well as the areas under control of the terrorist Iranian-Houthi militia.
The JFC of the Coalition reassured its dedication to provide necessary protection, and guarantee the safety and security of the INGOs Humanitarian workers involved in Yemen, without detriment to their rights, freedom of movements and entry to Governorates in which they provide humanitarian and relief aid.
The Coalition views the threats to their lives a flagrant defiance of the international norms and laws and related Security Council Resolutions. Whomever commits such a crime should be held accountable before the international community.
Col Al Malki added: “Ever since the the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen began its operations, Operation Decisiveness Storm and the on-going Operation Restoring Hope, the Coalition has and will always uphold the highest standards to protect civilians, and provide necessary protection for UN affiliated organizations as well as INGOs working in Humanitarian aid and Relief tracks, which guarantees their safety and security, and facilitates their freedom of movements without any constraints or hindrance, which coincides with the International Humanitarian Law.”
The Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen condemns the threats the Houthi militia make on the lives of civilians and International relief workers, and holds the militia accountable for any deterioration of the security and Humanitarian status in the areas they control.
To conclude their statement, the Coalition clarified that it is working with its related INGO partners to improve the conditions and create suitable environments to work safely and freely, which will enhance Humanitarian response to the brotherly people of Yemen. The Coalition is fully-prepared to work with the ICRC to provide assistance that ensures the continuation of their Humanitarian work in Yemen.

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