Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"
Heart of the World

Our country is the heart of Arabism and Islam, and the pillar on which the Arab and Islamic nations are based in order to move the two nations to their goals, achieve their aspirations and enhance their standing among the nations of the world today, the Kingdom has become the heart of the world. 

It is not something that we claim, but rather something that has become a reality for many considerations that have made our country a destination for the world, thanks to its renaissance in various walks of life at the local level. It is the maker of political and economic decisions most ably. 

No one can ever deny the roles played by the Kingdom in order to make the world a better place to live. Despite its preoccupation with its mighty development project represented in Vision 2030, the Kingdom goes on the best with its Arab, Islamic and international responsibilities.

With all its material and human capabilities, its geographical location, and its religious position, the Kingdom has positions that make it stand out from other countries. 

It has this high sense of responsibility towards all other countries to take them to the safety. This is evidenced by countless examples that confirm its well-established positions for the good of its Arab and Islamic environment, and its involvement in its international responsibilities that all led to its global standing that no Arab country has ever reached. 

Its membership in the G20 and hosting the next summit is only clear evidence of its positive impact on the international resolution and the international community's dependence on it as a country seeking to spread a culture of peace and achieve the concept of international peace and security.

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