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Moment of Truth

Developments in the past few days represented a decisive test of the extremes of maximum action by Washington and Tehran. It is clear that the Iranian regime knew its limits well, and more importantly, it also knew the limits of the United States, and the extent to which US President Donald Trump can go if Iran threatens the security of the US and this vital region. 

This conclusion will have confirmed political implications for the future of the Iranian behavior in the region. It will also represent a lesson for Washington about its effective policy with a delinquent regime like the Iranian regime. 

Washington must have benefited from the lessons that were provided to it after the failure of all the policies of appeasement, and the toothless diplomacy adopted by former US presidents towards Tehran, and which only led to the expansion of the Iranian threat, the escalation of militia chaos in the region, and never strengthened the moderate wing in the Iranian regime - if there were really moderates - as some dreamers in Washington imagined.

Trump's firm and strong threats, that represented a remarkable shift in Washington's speech, constituted a shocking language for Khamenei and his regime, and put an end to the red lines that the ruler of Iran thought the United States would remain captive to. 

The US President's threat with an unequal response and targeting 52 sites in Iran if Iran undertakes reckless action, drew new lines between the two countries after forty years of disciplined hostility. 

The speech also represented a new progress in Washington’s approach to directing towards the target and not only targeting Iran’s militias and terrorist movements. 

This contravenes the Iranian strategy that has always wagered on the proxies ’policy and provoking chaos remotely, without staining its hands directly, allowing them all these decades to prevaricate and repudiate any international references.

Iran's faint response to the targeting of its most dangerous man, Qasim Soleimani, after a wave of blatant threats and fiery promises of revenge made clear to every Tehran’s limits in any direct confrontation with Washington. 

So, Khamenei's regime will inevitably return to what it excels at by moving its proxies and managing chaos remotely. 

Even this policy will not do any good from now on, as after the death of the bloody general and the maker of militia, all young players have to fear the same fate.

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